Benoît Zhou


I currently work as a quantitative researcher at Citadel Securities, where I joined after graduating from Stanford University. Prior to Stanford, I studied Applied Mathematics at Ecole Centrale Paris, and Mathematics and Physics at Louis-le-Grand in Paris (an interesting read to learn more about French mathematical culture, its Prépas and their many peculiarities).
I also previously worked at Uber in San Francisco on machine learning to build better pricing algorithms.

I enjoy teaching very much, and have been a teaching assistant at Stanford for CS224N: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, CS221: Artificial Intelligence, MS&E135: Networks, MS&E235: Network Analytics, and MS&E201: Dynamic Systems.

Albert Einstein quoted Arthur Schopenhauer in Mein Glaubensbekenntnis: A man can do what he wants, but he cannot will what he wills.
Had I not pursued a career in Science, I would have become a musician. I hold a Diplôme d'études musicales from the Conservatoire de Paris. Here is a piano video if you are into that (this one is quite short if you are in a rush).

You can also sometimes find me solving puzzles.

Come say hi at benzhou [at] stanford [dot] edu

Three Studies of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon